The company I work for (Via Studios, formally VCommunications) recently developed a new website for the audio design & post production company 750mph.

Our remit was to replace an existing Flash site with a completely dynamic and cross-platform site that used full-screen videos that streamed from their digital assets system. It works consistently on all platforms (using HTML5 and then Flash fall-back where appropriate, using JWPlayer) and has been tweaked especially for the iPad. The site also has a mobile-specific version, using Yii’s theme setup and the CBrowser class to detect the different platforms. The site can be found here:

We used the Yii framework which enabled us quick, reliable & adaptable development. The content of the site is driven by their digital asset system, and we have a CMS to help manage certain areas of the site.

Any questions are welcome!

dude, opened the website at work, saw a turtle and suddenly a female "auhh…" sound, put a notice next to the link as "NOT SAFE FOR WORK!"

I’m sorry to tell you that you’re mistaken - after a couple of seconds, it becomes apparent it’s actually young boy talking about the turtle you see.

Sounds like you’ve got something else on your mind ;)

I promise you there’s nothing NSFW on that site, especially of what you’re describing.

Well, try to explain that to all the turning heads in the office, I just closed the browser and pretended that it wasn’t my computer lol