500 CJuiDialog Ajax Forms very slow explorer


500 forms need to put CJuiDialog loaded by Ajax and everything works fine with Chrome and Firefox.

The problem is that when I load the page with Internex Explorer I get a message saying that the execution of the script is very slow and if I want to stop.

demo http://codeste.tk/turnostest/prueba

This in my code.

for ($i=0;$i<500;$i++){

echo CHtml::ajaxLink(' Form'.$i,



            'success'=>'function(r){$("#juiDialog'.$i.'").html(r).dialog("open"); return false;}'


        array('id'=>'showJuiDialog'.$i) // not very useful, but hey...






                    'title'=>'Cambio de turno',









This is the message Error Internet Explorer

I would appreciate any comments that are visually impaired.