> 50.000 forum members!!!

Since last weekend the yii forum has more than 50.000 members!


Congratulation to yii community ^^

Now how many of those do have a postcount greater 0? ::)


hi hi hi, means list like exactly reverse to Hall of Fame??

I m just kidding ha… ;D

Congratulations! Yii community just keeps on growing.

Today the Yii forum will have its 60.000th member.

I checked it with the "Advanced fiter" of the "Members" page.


20 users/page x 2,522 pages = 50,440 users … who have less than 1 posts

20 users/page x 427 pages = 8,540 users … who have more than 1 posts

I don’t know why, but “more than 0 posts” didn’t work in the advanced filter. :)

seem strange… :)

Now >100.000 (since a few days)!!!

Are these users all real or spam accounts?