404 error when runing on Hosting

Hi, I’m testing the application in a hosting.

in my localcomputer i have this structure:




so in my browser I put : http://localhost/myapp and everything work fine

on the Hosting the structure is:





So my URL is http://hosting.com.ar/yii-pio/myapp

The main screen and menu show to me, but every action that I click I get an error:

404 in some cases

in other "failed to open stream: No such file or directory"

Is there any configuration that i have to setup when the application is below root level of the web server ?

Does http://hosting.com.ar/yii-pio/myapp/<controllerID>/<actionID> work? (assuming path URL format)

Check what your menu links look like.


no, some link give me a 404 error

other throw an error when trying to load model file (fileopen strema error) I never know where is looking for teh file.

I check the same men item in localhost , and works.

Could be some hosting file permission issue ?

Best regards


For those who develop on Win and deploy on Linux !!

be aware of Uppercase letters…

the file was named NivelTipo.php on the file system , but Niveltipo.php within yii…

Best Regards.

Same for local:Mac/remote:Linux