404 Error When I Upload My Webapp On A Host

I am developing my app using xampp, and everything works fine there. But when I upload it on a host (hostinger) and try accessing a specific page I get a 404 error.

The button linking me to that page (from a different controller) has this as a url:



(it’s a button in a gridview)

The action that it calls is the following:

public function actionPatientSymptomHistory($id)


		//create model doctor request and search the database for a doctor request between the doctor user and 

		//the patient user

		$doctorRequestModel = new DoctorRequests;

		$doctorPatientRequest = $doctorRequestModel->findByAttributes(array('doctorID'=>Yii::app()->user->id, 'userID'=>$id, 'doctorAccepted'=>1));

		//if there is an accepted doctor request between doctor and patient, show the patients's symptom history



			$model = new Symptomhistory;



			//model for the patients data

			$patientModel = User::model()->findByPk($id);

			//empty array to store all the user's symptoms

			$symptomItems = array();

			//find all symptomHistory records belonging to the user

			$symptomHistoryModels = $model->findAllByAttributes(array('user_id'=>$id));

			//loop through all the symptomHistory records that belong to the user

			foreach($symptomHistoryModels as $symptom)


				//switch case for event color. set color for each flag type



					case '1':

						$symptomColor = '#A1EB86';


					case '2':

						$symptomColor = '#CCCA52';


					case '3':

						$symptomColor = '#F25138';



						$symptomColor = '#36c';


				//create event









				//copy symptomHistory event into array

				array_push($symptomItems, $symptomItem);


			//render patient history


				'model'=> $model, 'patientModel'=> $patientModel, 'symptomHistoryEvents'=>$symptomItems



		else //else throw exception


			throw new CHttpException(403, 'You are not permitted to check this patient\'s Symptom History');



(sorry for the extra long code, but I honestly have no idea what might help and what might not).

I repeat I get a 404 error, not a 403 one.

Does anyone have any idea why I am getting this error? Thank you for your help :)

Try adding a trailing slash to your URL and see if that helps


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are you rewriting your urls double check your htaccess if you are

it was an issue with my host being case sensitive about the controller. It’s SymptomhistoryController and I made a mistake while typing my code and wrote symptomHistory in the createurl, and cause xampp doesn’t have this issue, I never noticed my error. One letter change later, and everything is working :).

And yeah, Sonic&K rocks :D