404 Error After Gii

Following the Generating Code with Gii, I receive a 404 Page not found error when i point the browser to index.php?r=country%2Findex. No errors were generated during the Model and CRUD generation.

Debug starts out with exception ‘yii\base\InvalidRouteException’ with message ‘Unable to resolve the request “country/index”.’ …

What am I missing?

What are the names of your controller and your action?

I had the same problem in CRUD Generator, Not Found Page 404 Error…
After a few tests i realized that it matters that there shouldn’t be any capital letter in the middle of the names (Controllers,SearchModels,views). you can just use an uppercase letter at the beginning.
and for views i chose lowercase word.
for example:
SendlettersController (correct)
SendLettersController (wrong)