400 Bad Request On Mobile Api

Hi, i try to create a return XML API,

Basically i generate a "XML" model & CRUD , and use xml/index to receive their $_POST request

this is some example request

  1. User Sign Up (function = signUP)

Submit($_POST): first name, last name, password, email address, gender, date of birth,function=""

Return(XML Format): Sign Up status (successful with user ID, failed, or email taken, etc)

  1. User Sign In (function = signIn)

Submit($_POST): email, password

Return(XML Format): Sign In status (successful with user ID or failed)

i also try to create a test form in "xml/test"

after submit will respond format like this

This is format that mobile developer request.

but than after developer test in their mobile systems, they show "[color="#FF0000"]400 bad request,your browser send a request that this server could not understand[/color]".

What is the problem? is it because urlmanager?