3 render partials + 1 submit button. Is it possible?

Please, can anybody help me with my problem

I would like to send 3 different models to the view, and then, with just 1 submit button in the view, come back to the controller to use all these data from the 3 models.

But I can no do it in a single view, as I read in the tutorial:


because, sometimes I would like to send "model$a - model$b - model$c", and sometimes "model$a - model$b - model$d "

To clarify my idea, here you can find an simple schema. I split the url because I could not embed it.

h t t p://postimage.org/image/o9vdbk9tp/

Thank you for your responds! because I do not find a solution.

I solved it!

I was making a mistake. In each _form, i was calling:

<?php $form=$this->beginWidget('CActiveForm', array(

so, I delete it, and just call this Widget on the "general" view that has my 3 "renderPartial" and pass to them


Anyway, sorry for my doubt ;)

Thanks for posting your solution.

I was looking around for hours how to solve this exact problem until i chanced upon your post.

Thankz a lot.

Hi, can you share it more for me? coz i not really sure how to set this in controller, if($model->save()).

This thread was helpful.