3 Column Layout

i want to implement a 3 column layout in yii where the left column has the menu portlet, the centre column has the admin grid view and the right column has the search filter form. how can i do that. I am new to yii

create a new file under layouts/column3.php

<?php $this->beginContent('//layouts/main'); ?>

<div class="span-5 first">

	<div id="left-sidebar">


		$this->beginWidget('zii.widgets.CPortlet', array(



		$this->widget('zii.widgets.CMenu', array(






	</div><!-- left-sidebar -->


<div class="span-14">

	<div id="content">

		<?php echo $content; ?>

	</div><!-- content -->


<div class="span-5 last">

	<div id="right-sidebar">

		your search stuff goes here

	</div><!-- right-sidebar -->


<?php $this->endContent(); ?>

set the layout property under actionAdmin to

$this->layout = "//layouts/column3";


What would be the maximum width of the screen? From your code, I observed a span-24. Does it have a maximum span-12? What would happened if we have width more than span-12?

Thank you in advance.


Yii uses blueprint css framework out of the box you can swap it with bootstrap