3 and more related models

I found the solution for going only one step, connecting model to next related to it. So 3 modles and the main is in centre.

I have 4 models, with next conection between them

UserLogin-> id.userLogin = id_user.userInfo

UsersInfo-> id_product.userInfo =id.Products

Products-> id_description.products= id.ProductDescriprion


I need to have in the end date in one view based on all this models, because Just some columns from them i need to echo.

I can pass data only from 2 models in one view, based on userlogin info I have UserInfo, but when I try to pass data from Products based on UserInfo it all the tame give me error:

Getting unknown property: app\models\UserLogin::id_product 

even that I have add them on use and have connection in eache model something like this

public function getProducts()   {


    return      $this->hasMany(SslProducts::className(),['id' =>'id_produkt']);         


for connection between all steps

Any clue how to this because all tutorials are about connection of 2 models

tx in advance !

the static sql is not good solution for me, I need to know if I can do it with models relations