2-pane Window for settings, need to use module?

Hey all, I am currently trying to extend the blog sample application to add a settings menu. I have added a a settings option to the logged in menu as follows(note I am not quite sure how to properly link to a layout in a module, so the url path is probably wrong):



	array('label'=>'Settings', 'url'=>array('/../modules/settings/views/default/index'), 'visible'=>!Yii::app()->user->isGuest)


When a user clicks on the settings, I would like to load up a 2-pane window, with a list of classes of settings on the left side and then a window which changes on the right side based on the users selection of setting class to edit. I believe the 2-pane window will go in its own layout with the the left hand pane hard coded, and the content of different views being echo’d in the right hand pane depending on user selections.

I feel like a have a pretty good idea of how the high level overview of how this should go about, but I feel like I am getting hung up in the initial transition from a user clicking on the Settings label to embedding the new layout within the main layout, which I am assuming would be best done by using a module. I have read through the modules tutorial, but I feel like the "Using Modules" section was very brief.

A point in the correct direction would be very appreciated, thanks.