2 Mfa not working

Hi Guys i have some problems with getting my mfa work when logging in.

I followed the intructions from the following link.

And i must’ve done something wrong.
Im confused on in what file i have to call promocat\models\TwoFaForm.
And also confused in what file to put the QR Widget.

But I did implement the functional code succesfully so i think that this might be my only problems.
For more questions or screens of code hmu please!!!


Screens of my code:



User controller:

@evstevemd & @saschahaendle U have a idea?

Don’t post screenshots, they are hard to read. Also ask your question clearly. So far I don’t understand what is your problem!

I can’t get the mfa widget to appear when logging in. im a bit confused on where to paste the widget code.
This is for a schoolproject.

@tri @softark maybe u also got an idea on this.

I haven’t done this so can’t tell.

See if this thread can help you out

Didn’t help me at all :frowning: i installed the one they recommended in the comments GitHub - pgrond/yii2-twofa: A Yii2 module bringing 2FA support
But im still halfway lost.

So to be exact, what have you done so far and what is failing. You can remove screenshots and add relevant information. Even better you can make small testable project on github where someone can see and test.