2 Mfa not working

Hi Guys i have some problems with getting my mfa work when logging in.

I followed the intructions from the following link.

And i must’ve done something wrong.
Im confused on in what file i have to call promocat\models\TwoFaForm.
And also confused in what file to put the QR Widget.

But I did implement the functional code succesfully so i think that this might be my only problems.
For more questions or screens of code hmu please!!!


Screens of my code:



User controller:

@evstevemd & @saschahaendle U have a idea?

Don’t post screenshots, they are hard to read. Also ask your question clearly. So far I don’t understand what is your problem!

I can’t get the mfa widget to appear when logging in. im a bit confused on where to paste the widget code.
This is for a schoolproject.