2 layout/main.php files

Hi all,

I have to make a website with a splash screen and then when entering in the website standard pages…

I wonder how to achieve this with the Yii layout system.

The splash screen needs very few things, whereas other pages require the menu etc … as it is designed in layout/main.php

Choosing between column1.php or column2.php seems to be the only liberty we have.

The thing I would like to reach is in the controller (dealing with the splash) to set the right main.php, but it seems impossible.

I create layout/main-splash.php and I do this:


But always the layout/main is applied

Do you have ideas ?


You can set CController::layout for a specific action.


public function actionSplash()



    $this->layout = 'main-splash';

    // $this->layout = false; // if you don't need layout



Thanks works great

I do

public $layout=‘splash’; in the siteController