2 Forms In View Admin


I have 2 forms in my view admin.

My view admin with 2 renderPartial

<h1>Gestion administrative</h1>

<div class="search-form" >

<?php $this->renderPartial('_search',array(


)); ?>

</div><!-- search-form -->


<?php $this->renderPartial('create',array(


)); ?>


One forms is for Search and the other is for create.

I have 3 listbox(in view Search) and depending of what the user select in the 3 listBox, I render a gridView.

But I need this 3 values for create(from my view create) a another row, how can I get this 3 values ?

I am very confuse ::)



Hello Nath,

Seems to me that this could be done client-side using jQuery.

If you provide more code and describe what you need to do in more details, I could try to help.