2.0.4 problem with console commands


does anybody else experience also problems with executing console commands with Yii version 2.0.4?

This morning after upgrading to 2.0.4 I’m getting “Error: Unknown command …” back from the console.

For testing purposes I did a quick downgrade back to 2.0.3 and everything was fine, the commands were executed successfully.

Does anybody else have the same issue?

Thanks in advance!

Which commands you’re referring to? Built in ones or your own? What exactly you’re entering?

I’m calling my own console controller/action C:\xampp\htdocs\yii\advanced>yii xml/sync movie

The response is Error: Unknown command "xml/sync".

This works fine with version 2.0.3 of Yii.

The action called in XMLController is:

    public function actionSync($type = '')


        $type = $type == '' ? 'movie' : $type;

        switch ($type) {

            case "movie":





Any other of my console actions aren’t being executed either, getting same response.

Was there any significant change to console part of Yii with version 2.0.4?

I’m running latest XAMPP on Win7.

I guess it’s XMLController vs XmlController.

Thank You samdark!

So that’s what has changed since 2.0.3