[2.0.3] enableAjaxValidation on single ActiveField triggers some check on other fields


when using enableAjaxValidation on a single field of a form (es: username), it seems that some sort of check (even if error messages are not shown) is performed also on other fields.

I’ve extended the signup form of the advanced template, adding a captcha and an ajax validation on uniqueness of the username and email.

If I set up enableAjaxValidation at ActiveForm level, captcha doesn’t work - and that’s ok (the captcha is ajax-checked and if it’s ok a new captcha images is generated, resulting in a validation error).

So, I tried to enable enableAjaxValidation at ActiveField level only for username and email, expecting captcha to work properly, but unfortunately the form behaves the same.

It seems that some sort of ajax check happens for all fields, even if not used in validation - so the captcha submit always fails (as it’s checked against another string).

As a workaround, I’ve set up a scenario where check of captcha does not happen on ajax validation but only before the form is submitted.

Please, can you check/explain what happens with enableAjaxValidation at ActiveField level?

Thank you

Enrico Giannni