I have started a venture called 1000code.com in St. Louis, MO. You will see the reasons behind the 1000code title on the website. It is an educational venture to bring web application development to the non-geeky tech entrepreneur who wants to bring their web app idea into the market. It uses the Yii framework as the core web application tool along with the bootstrap/foundation CSS classes plus a few other tools like a mockup tool, sql designer tool. You can see some of the demo web apps I have put together to showcase the usage of this 1000code principle. Please send me your comments and feedback on this venture. I have seen a number of web application courses being offered in chicago, east coast cities but most of them use Ruby on Rails. I thought Yii framework using PHP is a lot more easy to learn than Ruby on Rails for a non-professional programmer. Java was out of consideration right at the start due to the steep learning curve.

Thanks, K.N. Swamy

Made changes to the front end of the website to make it look prettier - 1000code.com Take a look at it one more time. The front end is what the public sees but the back end is the more difficult one where the business logic gets coded - where Yii provides the most help with. I just bought a theme for $15 on envato this weekend and placed it as a theme in the yii project. didn’t realize that the revolution slider is that powerful - you can pretty much create a powerpoint like presentation using it.