1.12 Gii Not Allowing Login

Tested in bare webapp one with 1.11 and one with 1.12. Worked in 1.11, doesn’t work in 1.12


    Entering password does not log into gii

Set gii password in config/main.php

   'modules' => array(

      'gii' => array(

         'class' => 'system.gii.GiiModule',

         'password' => '123',

      // If removed, Gii defaults to localhost only. Edit carefully to taste.




Hack Solution that allows it to work:

  in the bootstrap index.php add the line

session_name ("GII_HACK");  // name your session whatever you want

This was initially reported by a fellow developer in my office on his Windows7 machine he told me about the session_name() solution/hack

I then reproduced the problem on my mac mini Mountain Lion and then tested 1.11 and 1.12 side by side.

Is this a bug? I searched the changelog https://github.com/yiisoft/yii/blob/master/CHANGELOG and googled for other’s with this problem and didn’t find it.

Hope it’s not a dup, but I would be interested if others have encountered this.

Thanks for reporting this… it would help if you could make a few more tests… for example with the current github code that is ready for the 1.1.13 release…

also could this be related to the bootstrap extension, please try without it?

Not sure what this refers to, sorry

Did you try to reproduce? thought it might be easy to reproduce since we reproduced on two operating systems ;)

It takes a few seconds ;)

Although, give me instructions, I’ll try it

It doesn’t help, but I am using YiiBooster (Bootstrap) and Gii login works for me.

Maybe it’s a Windows issue?

Not a Windows issue.

I reproduced it on Mac Lion after the other developer repro’d it on Windows and Linux

YiiBooster is nothing I’ve heard of, been using yii daily for about 1.5 years

YiiBooster is relatively new. Developed by Clevertech, a company run by Yii developers (and at least 1 team member): http://yii-booster.clevertech.biz/index.html

Highly recommended! :)

Especially for the backend (admin) bit.

Gii login works for me, but I am not using ip filters because I only have Gii enabled for local development, on a local server, not on production. So no need to check the ip address. :)

I can turn it on and see what happens…


I can’t reproduce this. With ip filters and password. Chrome browser. Linux (Debian) Apache2. PHP 5.4

Yii 1.12.

It must be something else.

Maybe I misused the bootstrap terminology wrong… I meant the index.php that’s at the root

You know


// change the following paths if necessary



// remove the following lines when in production mode

defined('YII_DEBUG') or define('YII_DEBUG',true);

// specify how many levels of call stack should be shown in each log message

defined('YII_TRACE_LEVEL') or define('YII_TRACE_LEVEL',3);



A VERY generic webapp, with ONLY the gii setting tweaked to test it. No other changes to the webapp. And by the webapp I mean

"php yiic.php webapp testApp"

Generated, with only gii tweaks to test "this" scenario.

I tested it now, and it logs me into Gii.

Freshly made Yii application:

yiic webapp giitest

I’ve tested this on:

Windows 7

WAMP PHP 5.3.13

Yii 1.1.12.b600af


    'modules' = array(

        'gii' => array(

            'class' => 'system.gii.GiiModule',

            'password' => 'development',

            // If removed, Gii defaults to localhost only. Edit carefully to taste.

            'ipFilters' => array('', '::1'),


and it works fine, I can login into Gii.

Ok, we’re getting off topic here, but what a cool extension! THANK YOU jacmoe for pointing me in this direction.

Regarding on topic, I’ll experiment more with “this” issue, tonight when I get off work.

Follow up ==

Did a fresh d/l of yii 1.13 since that’s the latest ‘stable’

Created an absolutely basic webapp.

Uncommented the ‘gii’ section and set password to abc

Did this on with only gii option uncommented and password changed on both Windows 7 and Mac Lion.

The problem doesn’t reproduce on Windows 7

The problem DOES reproduce on OSX Lion

Here’s the result of a phpinfo() in case that helps anyone. Anyway, if this isn’t bothering anyone else, and we have a work around, I can live with it. Just hate having Yii have odd issues, since Yii is otherwise SO awesome ;)

PHP Version 5.3.15

System	Darwin Michaels-Mac-mini.local 11.4.2 Darwin Kernel Version 11.4.2: Thu Aug 23 16:25:48 PDT 2012; root:xnu-1699.32.7~1/RELEASE_X86_64 x86_64

Build Date	Jul 31 2012 14:42:37

Configure Command	 '/private/var/tmp/apache_mod_php/apache_mod_php-66.6~1/php/configure' '--prefix=/usr' '--mandir=/usr/share/man' '--infodir=/usr/share/info' '--disable-dependency-tracking' '--sysconfdir=/private/etc' '--with-apxs2=/usr/sbin/apxs' '--enable-cli' '--with-config-file-path=/etc' '--with-libxml-dir=/usr' '--with-openssl=/usr' '--with-kerberos=/usr' '--with-zlib=/usr' '--enable-bcmath' '--with-bz2=/usr' '--enable-calendar' '--with-curl=/usr' '--enable-dba' '--enable-ndbm=/usr' '--enable-exif' '--enable-ftp' '--with-gd' '--with-freetype-dir=/BinaryCache/apache_mod_php/apache_mod_php-66.6~1/Root/usr/local' '--with-jpeg-dir=/BinaryCache/apache_mod_php/apache_mod_php-66.6~1/Root/usr/local' '--with-png-dir=/BinaryCache/apache_mod_php/apache_mod_php-66.6~1/Root/usr/local' '--enable-gd-native-ttf' '--with-icu-dir=/usr' '--with-iodbc=/usr' '--with-ldap=/usr' '--with-ldap-sasl=/usr' '--with-libedit=/usr' '--enable-mbstring' '--enable-mbregex' '--with-mysql=mysqlnd' '--with-mysqli=mysqlnd' '--without-pear' '--with-pdo-mysql=mysqlnd' '--with-mysql-sock=/var/mysql/mysql.sock' '--with-readline=/usr' '--enable-shmop' '--with-snmp=/usr' '--enable-soap' '--enable-sockets' '--enable-sqlite-utf8' '--enable-suhosin' '--enable-sysvmsg' '--enable-sysvsem' '--enable-sysvshm' '--with-tidy' '--enable-wddx' '--with-xmlrpc' '--with-iconv-dir=/usr' '--with-xsl=/usr' '--enable-zend-multibyte' '--enable-zip' '--with-pcre-regex=/usr' '--with-pgsql=/usr' '--with-pdo-pgsql=/usr'

Server API	Apache 2.0 Handler

Virtual Directory Support	disabled

Configuration File (php.ini) Path	/etc

Loaded Configuration File	/private/etc/php.ini

Scan this dir for additional .ini files	(none)

Additional .ini files parsed	(none)

PHP API	20090626

PHP Extension	20090626

Zend Extension	220090626

Zend Extension Build	API220090626,NTS

PHP Extension Build	API20090626,NTS

Debug Build	no

Thread Safety	disabled

Zend Memory Manager	enabled

Zend Multibyte Support	enabled

IPv6 Support	enabled

Registered PHP Streams	https, ftps, compress.zlib, compress.bzip2, php, file, glob, data, http, ftp, phar, zip

Registered Stream Socket Transports	tcp, udp, unix, udg, ssl, sslv3, sslv2, tls

Registered Stream Filters	zlib.*, bzip2.*, convert.iconv.*, string.rot13, string.toupper, string.tolower, string.strip_tags, convert.*, consumed, dechunk

This server is protected with the Suhosin Patch 0.9.10

Copyright (c) 2006-2007 Hardened-PHP Project Copyright (c) 2007-2012 SektionEins GmbH

This program makes use of the Zend Scripting Language Engine:

Zend Engine v2.3.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2012 Zend Technologies

    with Xdebug v2.1.2, Copyright (c) 2002-2011, by Derick Rethans

PHP Credits



Apache Version	Apache/2.2.22 (Unix) DAV/2 PHP/5.3.15 with Suhosin-Patch

Apache API Version	20051115

Server Administrator	you@example.com

Hostname:Port	mg.dev.com:0

User/Group	_www(70)/70

Max Requests	Per Child: 100000 - Keep Alive: on - Max Per Connection: 100

Timeouts	Connection: 300 - Keep-Alive: 15

Virtual Server	Yes

Server Root	/usr

Loaded Modules	core prefork http_core mod_so mod_authn_file mod_authz_host mod_cache mod_disk_cache mod_dumpio mod_reqtimeout mod_ext_filter mod_include mod_filter mod_substitute mod_deflate mod_log_config mod_log_forensic mod_logio mod_env mod_mime_magic mod_cern_meta mod_expires mod_headers mod_ident mod_usertrack mod_setenvif mod_version mod_proxy mod_proxy_http mod_proxy_scgi mod_proxy_balancer mod_mime mod_dav mod_autoindex mod_asis mod_info mod_cgi mod_dav_fs mod_vhost_alias mod_negotiation mod_dir mod_imagemap mod_actions mod_speling mod_alias mod_rewrite mod_php5 mod_userdir_apple mod_bonjour2 mod_authn_dbm mod_authn_anon mod_authn_dbd mod_authn_default mod_auth_basic mod_auth_digest mod_authz_groupfile mod_authz_user mod_authz_dbm mod_authz_owner mod_authz_default mod_mem_cache mod_dbd mod_proxy_connect mod_proxy_ftp mod_proxy_ajp mod_status

Directive	Local Value	Master Value

engine	1	1

last_modified	0	0

xbithack	0	0

Apache Environment

Variable	Value

HTTP_HOST	mg.dev.com



HTTP_USER_AGENT	Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_7_5) AppleWebKit/537.11 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/23.0.1271.97 Safari/537.11

HTTP_ACCEPT	text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,*/*;q=0.8

HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING	gzip,deflate,sdch


HTTP_ACCEPT_CHARSET	ISO-8859-1,utf-8;q=0.7,*;q=0.3

HTTP_COOKIE	PHPSESSID=7pqgbjj1qhd5kdni9m1j047i50; GII_HACK=aeblfc87ps8jds10i2h6f5gvu7; PHPSESSID=o1ercljjns0il7l7bn60nd4m51

PATH	/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin

SERVER_SIGNATURE	<address>Apache/2.2.22 (Unix) DAV/2 PHP/5.3.15 with Suhosin-Patch Server at mg.dev.com Port 80</address>

SERVER_SOFTWARE	Apache/2.2.22 (Unix) DAV/2 PHP/5.3.15 with Suhosin-Patch

SERVER_NAME	mg.dev.com




DOCUMENT_ROOT	/Users/MG/www/mg/htdocs

SERVER_ADMIN	you@example.com

SCRIPT_FILENAME	/Users/MG/www/mg/htdocs/yii113/info.php






REQUEST_URI	/yii113/info.php

SCRIPT_NAME	/yii113/info.php

HTTP Headers Information

HTTP Request Headers

HTTP Request	GET /yii113/info.php HTTP/1.1

Host	mg.dev.com

Connection	keep-alive

Cache-Control	max-age=0

User-Agent	Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_7_5) AppleWebKit/537.11 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/23.0.1271.97 Safari/537.11

Accept	text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,*/*;q=0.8

Accept-Encoding	gzip,deflate,sdch

Accept-Language	en-US,en;q=0.8

Accept-Charset	ISO-8859-1,utf-8;q=0.7,*;q=0.3

Cookie	PHPSESSID=7pqgbjj1qhd5kdni9m1j047i50; GII_HACK=aeblfc87ps8jds10i2h6f5gvu7; PHPSESSID=o1ercljjns0il7l7bn60nd4m51

HTTP Response Headers

X-Powered-By	PHP/5.3.15

Keep-Alive	timeout=15, max=100

Connection	Keep-Alive

Transfer-Encoding	chunked

Content-Type	text/html


BCMath support	enabled

Directive	Local Value	Master Value

bcmath.scale	0	0


BZip2 Support	Enabled

Stream Wrapper support	compress.bzip2://

Stream Filter support	bzip2.decompress, bzip2.compress

BZip2 Version	1.0.6, 6-Sept-2010


Calendar support	enabled


PHP Version	5.3.15

Directive	Local Value	Master Value

allow_call_time_pass_reference	Off	Off

allow_url_fopen	On	On

allow_url_include	Off	Off

always_populate_raw_post_data	Off	Off

arg_separator.input	&	&

arg_separator.output	&	&

asp_tags	Off	Off

auto_append_file	no value	no value

auto_globals_jit	On	On

auto_prepend_file	no value	no value

browscap	no value	no value

default_charset	no value	no value

default_mimetype	text/html	text/html

define_syslog_variables	Off	Off

detect_unicode	On	On

disable_classes	no value	no value

disable_functions	no value	no value

display_errors	Off	Off

display_startup_errors	Off	Off

doc_root	no value	no value

docref_ext	no value	no value

docref_root	no value	no value

enable_dl	Off	Off

error_append_string	no value	no value

error_log	no value	no value

error_prepend_string	no value	no value

error_reporting	no value	no value

exit_on_timeout	Off	Off

expose_php	On	On

extension_dir	/usr/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20090626	/usr/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20090626

file_uploads	On	On

highlight.bg	#FFFFFF	#FFFFFF

highlight.comment	#FF8000	#FF8000

highlight.default	#0000BB	#0000BB

highlight.html	#000000	#000000

highlight.keyword	#007700	#007700

highlight.string	#DD0000	#DD0000

html_errors	Off	Off

ignore_repeated_errors	Off	Off

ignore_repeated_source	Off	Off

ignore_user_abort	Off	Off

implicit_flush	Off	Off

include_path	.:	.:

log_errors	On	On

log_errors_max_len	1024	1024

magic_quotes_gpc	Off	Off

magic_quotes_runtime	Off	Off

magic_quotes_sybase	Off	Off

mail.add_x_header	On	On

mail.force_extra_parameters	no value	no value

mail.log	no value	no value

max_execution_time	30	30

max_file_uploads	20	20

max_input_nesting_level	64	64

max_input_time	60	60

max_input_vars	1000	1000

memory_limit	128M	128M

open_basedir	no value	no value

output_buffering	4096	4096

output_handler	no value	no value

post_max_size	8M	8M

precision	14	14

realpath_cache_size	16K	16K

realpath_cache_ttl	120	120

register_argc_argv	Off	Off

register_globals	Off	Off

register_long_arrays	Off	Off

report_memleaks	On	On

report_zend_debug	On	On

request_order	GP	GP

safe_mode	Off	Off

safe_mode_exec_dir	no value	no value

safe_mode_gid	Off	Off

safe_mode_include_dir	no value	no value

sendmail_from	no value	no value

sendmail_path	/usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i 	/usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i 

serialize_precision	17	17

short_open_tag	On	On

SMTP	localhost	localhost

smtp_port	25	25

sql.safe_mode	Off	Off

track_errors	Off	Off

unserialize_callback_func	no value	no value

upload_max_filesize	2M	2M

upload_tmp_dir	no value	no value

user_dir	no value	no value

user_ini.cache_ttl	300	300

user_ini.filename	.user.ini	.user.ini

variables_order	GPCS	GPCS

xmlrpc_error_number	0	0

xmlrpc_errors	Off	Off

y2k_compliance	On	On

zend.enable_gc	On	On


ctype functions	enabled


cURL support	enabled

cURL Information	7.21.4

Age	3


AsynchDNS	Yes

Debug	No

GSS-Negotiate	Yes


IPv6	Yes

Largefile	Yes





krb4	No

libz	Yes

CharConv	No

Protocols	dict, file, ftp, ftps, gopher, http, https, imap, imaps, ldap, ldaps, pop3, pop3s, rtsp, smtp, smtps, telnet, tftp

Host	universal-apple-darwin11.0

SSL Version	OpenSSL/0.9.8r

ZLib Version	1.2.5


date/time support	enabled

"Olson" Timezone Database Version	2012.3

Timezone Database	internal

Default timezone	America/Los_Angeles

Directive	Local Value	Master Value

date.default_latitude	31.7667	31.7667

date.default_longitude	35.2333	35.2333

date.sunrise_zenith	90.583333	90.583333

date.sunset_zenith	90.583333	90.583333

date.timezone	America/Los_Angeles	America/Los_Angeles


DBA support	enabled

Supported handlers	cdb cdb_make inifile flatfile

Directive	Local Value	Master Value

dba.default_handler	flatfile	flatfile


DOM/XML	enabled

DOM/XML API Version	20031129

libxml Version	2.7.3

HTML Support	enabled

XPath Support	enabled

XPointer Support	enabled

Schema Support	enabled

RelaxNG Support	enabled


Regex Library	Bundled library enabled


EXIF Support	enabled

EXIF Version	1.4 $Id$

Supported EXIF Version	0220

Supported filetypes	JPEG,TIFF

Directive	Local Value	Master Value

exif.decode_jis_intel	JIS	JIS

exif.decode_jis_motorola	JIS	JIS

exif.decode_unicode_intel	UCS-2LE	UCS-2LE

exif.decode_unicode_motorola	UCS-2BE	UCS-2BE

exif.encode_jis	no value	no value

exif.encode_unicode	ISO-8859-15	ISO-8859-15


fileinfo support	enabled

version	1.0.5-dev


Input Validation and Filtering	enabled

Revision	$Id: 2b8c730d7dfaa8485d07cd792f0c82852ffe4113 $

Directive	Local Value	Master Value

filter.default	unsafe_raw	unsafe_raw

filter.default_flags	no value	no value


FTP support	enabled


GD Support	enabled

GD Version	bundled (2.0.34 compatible)

FreeType Support	enabled

FreeType Linkage	with freetype

FreeType Version	2.4.7

GIF Read Support	enabled

GIF Create Support	enabled

JPEG Support	enabled

libJPEG Version	8

PNG Support	enabled

libPNG Version	1.5.10

WBMP Support	enabled

XBM Support	enabled

Directive	Local Value	Master Value

gd.jpeg_ignore_warning	0	0


hash support	enabled

Hashing Engines	md2 md4 md5 sha1 sha224 sha256 sha384 sha512 ripemd128 ripemd160 ripemd256 ripemd320 whirlpool tiger128,3 tiger160,3 tiger192,3 tiger128,4 tiger160,4 tiger192,4 snefru snefru256 gost adler32 crc32 crc32b salsa10 salsa20 haval128,3 haval160,3 haval192,3 haval224,3 haval256,3 haval128,4 haval160,4 haval192,4 haval224,4 haval256,4 haval128,5 haval160,5 haval192,5 haval224,5 haval256,5


iconv support	enabled

iconv implementation	libiconv

iconv library version	1.11

Directive	Local Value	Master Value

iconv.input_encoding	ISO-8859-1	ISO-8859-1

iconv.internal_encoding	ISO-8859-1	ISO-8859-1

iconv.output_encoding	ISO-8859-1	ISO-8859-1


json support	enabled

json version	1.2.1


LDAP Support	enabled

RCS Version	$Id$

Total Links	0/unlimited

API Version	3001

Vendor Name	OpenLDAP

Vendor Version	20423

SASL Support	Enabled

Directive	Local Value	Master Value

ldap.max_links	Unlimited	Unlimited


libXML support	active

libXML Compiled Version	2.7.3

libXML Loaded Version	20703

libXML streams	enabled


Multibyte Support	enabled

Multibyte string engine	libmbfl

HTTP input encoding translation	disabled

mbstring extension makes use of "streamable kanji code filter and converter", which is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1.

Multibyte (japanese) regex support	enabled

Multibyte regex (oniguruma) backtrack check	On

Multibyte regex (oniguruma) version	4.7.1

Directive	Local Value	Master Value

mbstring.detect_order	no value	no value

mbstring.encoding_translation	Off	Off

mbstring.func_overload	0	0

mbstring.http_input	pass	pass

mbstring.http_output	pass	pass

mbstring.http_output_conv_mimetypes	^(text/|application/xhtml\+xml)	^(text/|application/xhtml\+xml)

mbstring.internal_encoding	no value	no value

mbstring.language	neutral	neutral

mbstring.script_encoding	no value	no value

mbstring.strict_detection	Off	Off

mbstring.substitute_character	no value	no value


memcache support	enabled

Active persistent connections	0

Version	2.2.6

Revision	$Revision: 303962 $

Directive	Local Value	Master Value

memcache.allow_failover	1	1

memcache.chunk_size	8192	8192

memcache.default_port	11211	11211

memcache.default_timeout_ms	1000	1000

memcache.hash_function	crc32	crc32

memcache.hash_strategy	standard	standard

memcache.max_failover_attempts	20	20


MySQL Support	enabled

Active Persistent Links	0

Active Links	0

Client API version	mysqlnd 5.0.8-dev - 20102224 - $Id: 65fe78e70ce53d27a6cd578597722950e490b0d0 $

Directive	Local Value	Master Value

mysql.allow_local_infile	On	On

mysql.allow_persistent	On	On

mysql.connect_timeout	60	60

mysql.default_host	no value	no value

mysql.default_password	no value	no value

mysql.default_port	3306	3306

mysql.default_socket	/var/mysql/mysql.sock	/var/mysql/mysql.sock

mysql.default_user	no value	no value

mysql.max_links	Unlimited	Unlimited

mysql.max_persistent	Unlimited	Unlimited

mysql.trace_mode	Off	Off


MysqlI Support	enabled

Client API library version	mysqlnd 5.0.8-dev - 20102224 - $Id: 65fe78e70ce53d27a6cd578597722950e490b0d0 $

Active Persistent Links	0

Inactive Persistent Links	0

Active Links	0

Directive	Local Value	Master Value

mysqli.allow_local_infile	On	On

mysqli.allow_persistent	On	On

mysqli.default_host	no value	no value

mysqli.default_port	3306	3306

mysqli.default_pw	no value	no value

mysqli.default_socket	/var/mysql/mysql.sock	/var/mysql/mysql.sock

mysqli.default_user	no value	no value

mysqli.max_links	Unlimited	Unlimited

mysqli.max_persistent	Unlimited	Unlimited

mysqli.reconnect	Off	Off


mysqlnd	enabled

Version	mysqlnd 5.0.8-dev - 20102224 - $Id: 65fe78e70ce53d27a6cd578597722950e490b0d0 $

Compression	supported

SSL	supported

Command buffer size	4096

Read buffer size	32768

Read timeout	31536000

Collecting statistics	Yes

Collecting memory statistics	No

Tracing	n/a

Client statistics	

bytes_sent	0

bytes_received	0

packets_sent	0

packets_received	0

protocol_overhead_in	0

protocol_overhead_out	0

bytes_received_ok_packet	0

bytes_received_eof_packet	0

bytes_received_rset_header_packet	0

bytes_received_rset_field_meta_packet	0

bytes_received_rset_row_packet	0

bytes_received_prepare_response_packet	0

bytes_received_change_user_packet	0

packets_sent_command	0

packets_received_ok	0

packets_received_eof	0

packets_received_rset_header	0

packets_received_rset_field_meta	0

packets_received_rset_row	0

packets_received_prepare_response	0

packets_received_change_user	0

result_set_queries	0

non_result_set_queries	0

no_index_used	0

bad_index_used	0

slow_queries	0

buffered_sets	0

unbuffered_sets	0

ps_buffered_sets	0

ps_unbuffered_sets	0

flushed_normal_sets	0

flushed_ps_sets	0

ps_prepared_never_executed	0

ps_prepared_once_executed	0

rows_fetched_from_server_normal	0

rows_fetched_from_server_ps	0

rows_buffered_from_client_normal	0

rows_buffered_from_client_ps	0

rows_fetched_from_client_normal_buffered	0

rows_fetched_from_client_normal_unbuffered	0

rows_fetched_from_client_ps_buffered	0

rows_fetched_from_client_ps_unbuffered	0

rows_fetched_from_client_ps_cursor	0

rows_affected_normal	0

rows_affected_ps	0

rows_skipped_normal	0

rows_skipped_ps	0

copy_on_write_saved	0

copy_on_write_performed	0

command_buffer_too_small	0

connect_success	0

connect_failure	0

connection_reused	0

reconnect	0

pconnect_success	0

active_connections	0

active_persistent_connections	0

explicit_close	0

implicit_close	0

disconnect_close	0

in_middle_of_command_close	0

explicit_free_result	0

implicit_free_result	0

explicit_stmt_close	0

implicit_stmt_close	0

mem_emalloc_count	0

mem_emalloc_amount	0

mem_ecalloc_count	0

mem_ecalloc_amount	0

mem_erealloc_count	0

mem_erealloc_amount	0

mem_efree_count	0

mem_efree_amount	0

mem_malloc_count	0

mem_malloc_amount	0

mem_calloc_count	0

mem_calloc_amount	0

mem_realloc_count	0

mem_realloc_amount	0

mem_free_count	0

mem_free_amount	0

mem_estrndup_count	0

mem_strndup_count	0

mem_estndup_count	0

mem_strdup_count	0

proto_text_fetched_null	0

proto_text_fetched_bit	0

proto_text_fetched_tinyint	0

proto_text_fetched_short	0

proto_text_fetched_int24	0

proto_text_fetched_int	0

proto_text_fetched_bigint	0

proto_text_fetched_decimal	0

proto_text_fetched_float	0

proto_text_fetched_double	0

proto_text_fetched_date	0

proto_text_fetched_year	0

proto_text_fetched_time	0

proto_text_fetched_datetime	0

proto_text_fetched_timestamp	0

proto_text_fetched_string	0

proto_text_fetched_blob	0

proto_text_fetched_enum	0

proto_text_fetched_set	0

proto_text_fetched_geometry	0

proto_text_fetched_other	0

proto_binary_fetched_null	0

proto_binary_fetched_bit	0

proto_binary_fetched_tinyint	0

proto_binary_fetched_short	0

proto_binary_fetched_int24	0

proto_binary_fetched_int	0

proto_binary_fetched_bigint	0

proto_binary_fetched_decimal	0

proto_binary_fetched_float	0

proto_binary_fetched_double	0

proto_binary_fetched_date	0

proto_binary_fetched_year	0

proto_binary_fetched_time	0

proto_binary_fetched_datetime	0

proto_binary_fetched_timestamp	0

proto_binary_fetched_string	0

proto_binary_fetched_blob	0

proto_binary_fetched_enum	0

proto_binary_fetched_set	0

proto_binary_fetched_geometry	0

proto_binary_fetched_other	0

init_command_executed_count	0

init_command_failed_count	0

com_quit	0

com_init_db	0

com_query	0

com_field_list	0

com_create_db	0

com_drop_db	0

com_refresh	0

com_shutdown	0

com_statistics	0

com_process_info	0

com_connect	0

com_process_kill	0

com_debug	0

com_ping	0

com_time	0

com_delayed_insert	0

com_change_user	0

com_binlog_dump	0

com_table_dump	0

com_connect_out	0

com_register_slave	0

com_stmt_prepare	0

com_stmt_execute	0

com_stmt_send_long_data	0

com_stmt_close	0

com_stmt_reset	0

com_stmt_set_option	0

com_stmt_fetch	0

com_deamon	0

bytes_received_real_data_normal	0

bytes_received_real_data_ps	0


ODBC Support	enabled

Active Persistent Links	0

Active Links	0

ODBC library	iodbc

ODBC_INCLUDE	-I/usr/include

ODBC_LFLAGS	-L/usr/lib

ODBC_LIBS	-liodbc

Directive	Local Value	Master Value

odbc.allow_persistent	On	On

odbc.check_persistent	On	On

odbc.default_cursortype	Static cursor	Static cursor

odbc.default_db	no value	no value

odbc.default_pw	no value	no value

odbc.default_user	no value	no value

odbc.defaultbinmode	return as is	return as is

odbc.defaultlrl	return up to 4096 bytes	return up to 4096 bytes

odbc.max_links	Unlimited	Unlimited

odbc.max_persistent	Unlimited	Unlimited


OpenSSL support	enabled

OpenSSL Library Version	OpenSSL 0.9.8r 8 Feb 2011

OpenSSL Header Version	OpenSSL 0.9.8r 8 Feb 2011


PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions) Support	enabled

PCRE Library Version	8.02 2010-03-19

Directive	Local Value	Master Value

pcre.backtrack_limit	1000000	1000000

pcre.recursion_limit	100000	100000


PDO support	enabled

PDO drivers	mysql, pgsql, sqlite, sqlite2


PDO Driver for MySQL	enabled

Client API version	mysqlnd 5.0.8-dev - 20102224 - $Id: 65fe78e70ce53d27a6cd578597722950e490b0d0 $

Directive	Local Value	Master Value

pdo_mysql.default_socket	/tmp/mysql.sock	/tmp/mysql.sock


PDO Driver for PostgreSQL	enabled

PostgreSQL(libpq) Version	9.0.5

Module version	1.0.2

Revision	 $Id$


PDO Driver for SQLite 3.x	enabled

SQLite Library


PostgreSQL Support	enabled

PostgreSQL(libpq) Version	9.0.5

Multibyte character support	enabled

SSL support	enabled

Active Persistent Links	0

Active Links	0

Directive	Local Value	Master Value

pgsql.allow_persistent	On	On

pgsql.auto_reset_persistent	Off	Off

pgsql.ignore_notice	Off	Off

pgsql.log_notice	Off	Off

pgsql.max_links	Unlimited	Unlimited

pgsql.max_persistent	Unlimited	Unlimited


Phar: PHP Archive support	enabled

Phar EXT version	2.0.1

Phar API version	1.1.1

SVN revision	$Id: f7d08da4ab9e515975840c28b830edc9437c3026 $

Phar-based phar archives	enabled

Tar-based phar archives	enabled

ZIP-based phar archives	enabled

gzip compression	enabled

bzip2 compression	enabled

OpenSSL support	enabled

Phar based on pear/PHP_Archive, original concept by Davey Shafik.

Phar fully realized by Gregory Beaver and Marcus Boerger.

Portions of tar implementation Copyright (c) 2003-2009 Tim Kientzle.

Directive	Local Value	Master Value

phar.cache_list	no value	no value

phar.readonly	On	On

phar.require_hash	On	On


Revision	$Id: c00b7465003bf16b27764ccaea3c159ca2e4419d $


Reflection	enabled

Version	$Id: e98652ba2326bd9391b730afdaf96c017d9fab48 $


Session Support	enabled

Registered save handlers	files user sqlite memcache

Registered serializer handlers	php php_binary wddx

Directive	Local Value	Master Value

session.auto_start	Off	Off

session.bug_compat_42	Off	Off

session.bug_compat_warn	Off	Off

session.cache_expire	180	180

session.cache_limiter	nocache	nocache

session.cookie_domain	no value	no value

session.cookie_httponly	Off	Off

session.cookie_lifetime	0	0

session.cookie_path	/	/

session.cookie_secure	Off	Off

session.entropy_file	no value	no value

session.entropy_length	0	0

session.gc_divisor	1000	1000

session.gc_maxlifetime	1440	1440

session.gc_probability	1	1

session.hash_bits_per_character	5	5

session.hash_function	0	0


session.referer_check	no value	no value

session.save_handler	files	files

session.save_path	/tmp	/tmp

session.serialize_handler	php	php

session.use_cookies	On	On

session.use_only_cookies	On	On

session.use_trans_sid	0	0


shmop support	enabled


Simplexml support	enabled

Revision	$Id: a379111021e24ef020a2eefd8ca830cb1ab5b280 $

Schema support	enabled


NET-SNMP Support	enabled

NET-SNMP Version	5.6


Soap Client	enabled

Soap Server	enabled

Directive	Local Value	Master Value

soap.wsdl_cache	1	1

soap.wsdl_cache_dir	/tmp	/tmp

soap.wsdl_cache_enabled	1	1

soap.wsdl_cache_limit	5	5

soap.wsdl_cache_ttl	86400	86400


Sockets Support	enabled


SPL support	enabled

Interfaces	Countable, OuterIterator, RecursiveIterator, SeekableIterator, SplObserver, SplSubject

Classes	AppendIterator, ArrayIterator, ArrayObject, BadFunctionCallException, BadMethodCallException, CachingIterator, DirectoryIterator, DomainException, EmptyIterator, FilesystemIterator, FilterIterator, GlobIterator, InfiniteIterator, InvalidArgumentException, IteratorIterator, LengthException, LimitIterator, LogicException, MultipleIterator, NoRewindIterator, OutOfBoundsException, OutOfRangeException, OverflowException, ParentIterator, RangeException, RecursiveArrayIterator, RecursiveCachingIterator, RecursiveDirectoryIterator, RecursiveFilterIterator, RecursiveIteratorIterator, RecursiveRegexIterator, RecursiveTreeIterator, RegexIterator, RuntimeException, SplDoublyLinkedList, SplFileInfo, SplFileObject, SplFixedArray, SplHeap, SplMinHeap, SplMaxHeap, SplObjectStorage, SplPriorityQueue, SplQueue, SplStack, SplTempFileObject, UnderflowException, UnexpectedValueException


SQLite support	enabled

PECL Module version	2.0-dev $Id$

SQLite Library	2.8.17

SQLite Encoding	UTF-8

Directive	Local Value	Master Value

sqlite.assoc_case	0	0


SQLite3 support	enabled

SQLite3 module version	0.7-dev

SQLite Library

Directive	Local Value	Master Value

sqlite3.extension_dir	no value	no value


Dynamic Library Support	enabled

Path to sendmail	/usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i

Directive	Local Value	Master Value

assert.active	1	1

assert.bail	0	0

assert.callback	no value	no value

assert.quiet_eval	0	0

assert.warning	1	1

auto_detect_line_endings	0	0

default_socket_timeout	60	60

from	no value	no value

safe_mode_allowed_env_vars	PHP_	PHP_

safe_mode_protected_env_vars	LD_LIBRARY_PATH	LD_LIBRARY_PATH

url_rewriter.tags	a=href,area=href,frame=src,input=src,form=fakeentry	a=href,area=href,frame=src,input=src,form=fakeentry

user_agent	no value	no value


sysvmsg support	enabled

Revision	$Id: bf99fb053e35d98fb01c414dda6d4813a55e6647 $


Tidy support	enabled

libTidy Release	31 October 2006 - Apple Inc. build 15.6

Extension Version	2.0 ($Id$)

Directive	Local Value	Master Value

tidy.clean_output	no value	no value

tidy.default_config	no value	no value


Tokenizer Support	enabled


WDDX Support	enabled

WDDX Session Serializer	enabled


xdebug support	enabled

Version	2.1.2

Supported protocols	Revision

DBGp - Common DeBuGger Protocol	$Revision: 1.145 $

Directive	Local Value	Master Value

xdebug.auto_trace	Off	Off

xdebug.collect_assignments	Off	Off

xdebug.collect_includes	On	On

xdebug.collect_params	0	0

xdebug.collect_return	Off	Off

xdebug.collect_vars	Off	Off

xdebug.default_enable	On	On

xdebug.dump.COOKIE	no value	no value

xdebug.dump.ENV	no value	no value

xdebug.dump.FILES	no value	no value

xdebug.dump.GET	no value	no value

xdebug.dump.POST	no value	no value

xdebug.dump.REQUEST	no value	no value

xdebug.dump.SERVER	no value	no value

xdebug.dump.SESSION	no value	no value

xdebug.dump_globals	On	On

xdebug.dump_once	On	On

xdebug.dump_undefined	Off	Off

xdebug.extended_info	On	On

xdebug.file_link_format	no value	no value

xdebug.idekey	no value	no value

xdebug.manual_url	http://www.php.net	http://www.php.net

xdebug.max_nesting_level	100	100

xdebug.overload_var_dump	On	On

xdebug.profiler_aggregate	Off	Off

xdebug.profiler_append	Off	Off

xdebug.profiler_enable	Off	Off

xdebug.profiler_enable_trigger	Off	Off

xdebug.profiler_output_dir	/var/tmp/	/var/tmp/

xdebug.profiler_output_name	cachegrind.out.%p	cachegrind.out.%p

xdebug.remote_autostart	Off	Off

xdebug.remote_connect_back	Off	Off

xdebug.remote_cookie_expire_time	3600	3600

xdebug.remote_enable	On	On

xdebug.remote_handler	dbgp	dbgp

xdebug.remote_host	localhost	localhost

xdebug.remote_log	/var/log/xdebug.log	/var/log/xdebug.log

xdebug.remote_mode	req	req

xdebug.remote_port	9000	9000

xdebug.scream	Off	Off

xdebug.show_exception_trace	Off	Off

xdebug.show_local_vars	Off	Off

xdebug.show_mem_delta	Off	Off

xdebug.trace_format	0	0

xdebug.trace_options	0	0

xdebug.trace_output_dir	/var/tmp/	/var/tmp/

xdebug.trace_output_name	trace.%c	trace.%c

xdebug.var_display_max_children	128	128

xdebug.var_display_max_data	512	512

xdebug.var_display_max_depth	3	3


XML Support	active

XML Namespace Support	active

libxml2 Version	2.7.3


XMLReader	enabled


core library version	xmlrpc-epi v. 0.51

php extension version	0.51

author	Dan Libby

homepage	http://xmlrpc-epi.sourceforge.net

open sourced by	Epinions.com


XMLWriter	enabled


XSL	enabled

libxslt Version	1.1.24

libxslt compiled against libxml Version	2.7.3

EXSLT	enabled

libexslt Version	1.1.24


Zip	enabled

Extension Version	$Id$

Zip version	1.11.0

Libzip version	0.10.1


ZLib Support	enabled

Stream Wrapper support	compress.zlib://

Stream Filter support	zlib.inflate, zlib.deflate

Compiled Version	1.2.5

Linked Version	1.2.5

Directive	Local Value	Master Value

zlib.output_compression	Off	Off

zlib.output_compression_level	-1	-1

zlib.output_handler	no value	no value

Additional Modules

Module Name




Variable	Value

PATH	/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin

PHP Variables

Variable	Value

_COOKIE["PHPSESSID"]	7pqgbjj1qhd5kdni9m1j047i50

_COOKIE["GII_HACK"]	aeblfc87ps8jds10i2h6f5gvu7

_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"]	mg.dev.com



_SERVER["HTTP_USER_AGENT"]	Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_7_5) AppleWebKit/537.11 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/23.0.1271.97 Safari/537.11

_SERVER["HTTP_ACCEPT"]	text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,*/*;q=0.8

_SERVER["HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING"]	gzip,deflate,sdch


_SERVER["HTTP_ACCEPT_CHARSET"]	ISO-8859-1,utf-8;q=0.7,*;q=0.3

_SERVER["HTTP_COOKIE"]	PHPSESSID=7pqgbjj1qhd5kdni9m1j047i50; GII_HACK=aeblfc87ps8jds10i2h6f5gvu7; PHPSESSID=o1ercljjns0il7l7bn60nd4m51

_SERVER["PATH"]	/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin

_SERVER["SERVER_SIGNATURE"]	<address>Apache/2.2.22 (Unix) DAV/2 PHP/5.3.15 with Suhosin-Patch Server at mg.dev.com Port 80</address>

_SERVER["SERVER_SOFTWARE"]	Apache/2.2.22 (Unix) DAV/2 PHP/5.3.15 with Suhosin-Patch

_SERVER["SERVER_NAME"]	mg.dev.com




_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"]	/Users/MG/www/mg/htdocs

_SERVER["SERVER_ADMIN"]	you@example.com

_SERVER["SCRIPT_FILENAME"]	/Users/MG/www/mg/htdocs/yii113/info.php






_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"]	/yii113/info.php

_SERVER["SCRIPT_NAME"]	/yii113/info.php

_SERVER["PHP_SELF"]	/yii113/info.php

_SERVER["REQUEST_TIME"]	1357248823

PHP License

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the PHP License as published by the PHP Group and included in the distribution in the file: LICENSE

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

If you did not receive a copy of the PHP license, or have any questions about PHP licensing, please contact license@php.net.


I got the same problem in Linux (WAMP - almost the latest version of Slackware, Apache, PHP, Mysql). I’m using the last stable YII (yii-1.1.13.e9e4a0.tar.gz) . Using Firefox for linux as browser.

'modules' = array(

        'gii' => array(

            'class' => 'system.gii.GiiModule',

            'password' => 'development',

            // If removed, Gii defaults to localhost only. Edit carefully to taste.

            'ipFilters' => array('', '::1'),


If using localhost ip at main config file, I can not see the login page. After changing the ‘ipFilters’ to server ip (192.168.x.x) I can see the login page. But after login (with the right password), nothing happend. It redirect always to login page. If I gave wrong password, it display wrong password error.

This problem is also can be found at test page. After login using demo/demo or admin/admin user, it redirect to the home page ( can not see different between demo or admin user, also no difference between before or after login).

Even I have insert TABLE to the Mysql, and the pdo for mysql is active at php.ini file, the problem is the same.

I think the session / cache problem is still exist …

[edit: but at Firefox preference, I can see cookies of PHPSESSID]. Hm … may be it’s not session problem ????



I no longer work at “that” company any more and the machines that exhibited this problem were “there”, so I’ve not seen this issue since. So, yea, it has to be a machine (apache/php) configuration issue I’d say, but since I can’t see the problem anymore… I’ll just have to wish you luck

Thank you MichaelG. I will try to see the apache & php configuration again (although it’s no problem with same settng for Joomla, CodeIgniter, cakePhp, simple php without framework, etc …etc …). I still do not understand this … hope Yii developer can give me a clue … :unsure:



Hi MichaelG,

I found the problem. You are right. I forgot to set the right session/cache directory as defined in php.ini file. The session path directory must be own by apache daemon user … I missed that … :)

Now it works fine …


Glad to hear you figured it out and props to you for taking the time to share the answer with others. Kharma points !!

Please help me… Even I’m facing this same issue. I have searched the whole google and this issue has something to do with particular server only

Mybb/phpbb/joomla/wordpress - all other logins are working perfectly fine…so nothing to do with php.ini configuration

Only Gii login is not working.

If I enter wrong password then it shows me error as Invalid Password but on entering correct password it redirects me to the same login page.

One more thing, main login page of yii where we have default login admin/admin or demo/demo is only working if I check Remember Password

If I try to login without checking remember password. It takes me to first tab without logging-in.

Please tell me how to make GII login generator work. Even any hack will be fine… Current hack which thread poster have mentioned is not working

Please let me know which file to make changes so that I’m able to login :(

For remember me functionality, I hade to change below line:-

$duration=$this->rememberMe ? 3600*24*30 : 0;


$duration=$this->rememberMe ? 3600*24*30 : 3600*24*30;

And then only I was able to login on main yii application. I can do such kind of change in Gii code generator too but which file does Gii code generator uses for login???

Hey affscript, did you see post 16? it might have the answer. If it works for you, post that it does here will you? Help some other poor sucker running into this problem in the future ;)