1.1.16 Release Date


I’d like to ask the developers about a rough estimate of the 1.1.16 release. The last release from the 1.1.x branch was on Aug. 12 2013 (release 1.1.14), I’m not counting 1.1.15 since it was clearly a security release and not feature full release. So, 1.1.14 was released more than a year ago.

I know the main development work is towards version 2.0, but you should also consider the 1.1.x branch which is the basis for many websites out there. Not having a stable and featurefull release in more than a year is not good for a framework. Maybe a more timely release schedule should take place for all branches, eg. security releases every 2-3 months and featurefull releases every 6 months or so.

Thank you.

I agree, and a release schedule would be good. Remember that new people who consider using Yii 2 will also check to see how well you are supporting the previous stable version.

Ya I was just checking status on 1.1.16 since it has been a while, to see where the progress is and/or will be. We won’t go to 2.0.x just yet and need to figure out what the timeline is roughly.

Well, github reports a total of 27 open bugs for the 1.1.16 milestone. I suppose when this number comes to 0, 1.1.16 will be out.

1.1.16 is released.