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Version 1.1.10 February 12, 2012

  • Bug Fixed the bug introduced in 1.1.9 CActiveForm required field was not validated if left empty (mdomba)

  • Bug #1799: Better fix for bug #1799 old fix was breaking CJuiDatePicker tabular input (mdomba)

  • Bug #2284: Fixed the CActiveForm clientvalidation for tabular input (mdomba)

  • Bug #3062: Fixed the bug that using yiilite.php and CLocale will cause exception (Qiang)

  • Bug #3070: Fixed the CActiveForm JS error if there is no field rendered (mdomba)

  • Bug #3071: Fixed the bug that afterValidateAttribute was not called properly (mdomba)

  • Bug #3096: Fixed the bug when reporting an error and CHtml is not loaded (mdomba)

  • Bug #3103: Fixed the bug that CActiveForm->error() was not overloading htmlOptions (mdomba)

  • Bug #3107: Fixed the wrong encoding issue of Italian messages (Qiang)

  • Bug #3108: Fixed the bug introduced in CActiveFinder::applyLazyCondition (Qiang)

  • Bug #3166: Fixed the bug that CDbColumnSchema typecasted to NULL even for NOT NULL columns (Sam Dark)

  • Enh #3063: Gii, when generating models, tableNames will be checked against reserved PHP keywords when ‘*’ is used (mdomba)

  • Enh #3097: Added CHttpRequest::decodePathInfo() (Y!!)

  • Enh #3101: The methods of CSecurityManager do now work correctly for the case that mbstring.func_overload is in effect (Y!!)

  • Enh #3112: Fixed the exception error display on ajax calls when YII_DEBUG is true (mdomba)

  • Enh #3121: Added more rules for proper pluralization to the pluralize() method in CCodeModel and CConsoleCommand (mdomba)

  • Enh #3153: CClientScript::addPackage() now returns CClientScript instance to support method chaining (Sam Dark)

  • Enh #3154: Removed file existance check to allow relative path and added additional headers option to xSendFile() (mdomba)

  • Enh #3169: Added CSort::SORT_ASC and CSort::SORT_DESC (Sam Dark)

  • Enh: Added CActiveForm::validateTabular() to simplify ajax validation for tabular input (mdomba)

  • Chg: HTML-encoded input values for exist and unique validators (Qiang)

  • Chg: Upgraded JQuery UI to 1.8.17 (mdomba)

  • Chg: Upgraded HTMLPurifier to v4.4.0 (Sam Dark)

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