yii2 kartik datepicker filter not displaying

Hi, everyone! I’ve got a problem with kartik, when I was using Jui DatePicker it was working, but when I switched to kartik, the gridview filter control disappeared, I’m not sure if it has something to do with the joinwith in search.

here is the index.php


            'label' => 'Trxn Date',                

            'attribute' => 'stock',

            'value' => 'stock.trxn_date',

            'content' => function ($model, $key, $index, $column) {

                    return Yii::$app->formatter->asDate($model->stock->trxn_date);


            'filterType'=> \kartik\grid\GridView::FILTER_DATE, 

            'filterWidgetOptions' => [

                    'options' => ['placeholder' => 'Select date'],

                    'pluginOptions' => [

                        'format' => 'M-dd-yyyy',

                        'todayHighlight' => true



            'group' => true,

            'format' => 'html'


And here is the SearchModel:

public $stock_trxn_date;

public function rules()


    return [

        [['stock_trxn_date_2'], 'safe'],



public function search($params)


    $query = Stocktrxn::find()->joinWith('stock');

    $dataProvider = new ActiveDataProvider([

        'query' => $query,



    if (!$this->validate()) {

        // uncomment the following line if you do not want to return any records when validation fails

        // $query->where('0=1');

        return $dataProvider;


    $query->andFilterWhere(['stock.trxn_date' => $this->stock_trxn_date]);

    return $dataProvider;


You should use ‘filter’, not ‘filterType’.

It’s actually an extension module from


so I used filterType instead of filter.