Yii2-admin role-based aceess control(RBAC)

I am using yii2-admin for role-based access control. In this module, we need to check the access in each action like

if (\Yii::$app->user->can('createPost')) {

   // create post


or like

public function behaviors()


    return [

        'access' => [

            'class' => AccessControl::className(),

            'rules' => [


                    'allow' => true,

                    'actions' => ['create'],

                    'roles' => ['createPost'],






But in yii-1 the rights module provides an option to check the access control by extending a controller (RController). Do we have such an option in yii2-admin ?

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The extension doesn’t provide an extended Controller like “RController”.

But it does provide an extended AccessControl filter, which is a very convenient component. It uses "route" permissions in the RBAC hierarchy to check access to controllers/actions, which works almost the same as yii-rights does for Yii 1.x.