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After doing a google search and read that Yii was on the top of the list. I went a head and downloaded and set it up using the video tutorials from <link not allowed, It’s my 1st post> It’s on youtube and the users name is IterativeRedux.

How ever. I did post for some help and never did get a reply. I checked yii forums and didn’t see a support forum. So I wanted to find out where I can get support for yii from.

and the other is does any one know where I can find up to date video tutorials on yii. I have every thing set up. I’m just having problems when returning records and displaying them. I just don’t under stand this.


This is the support forum, per se. Make sure you read the Definitive Guide and check out the blog tutorial. Go ahead and ask your specific questions regarding retrieving and displaying data.

Thank you. See I added a articles section to my new web site and it just doesn’t seem to work like i want it too.

I added 2 table fields called created and modified. When a article is created for the 1st time. The date and time get added here. and when I update it. The modified field gets updated. So when I create the crud for this. It just didn’t add this in the way it should have and when I wanted to change this. Well the PHP code is not like any thing I have done before. So I couldn’t change it by hand. and I haven’t been able to find a way to add an attachment or an image to my article. any ideas.

and I’m still looking for a video to show me how to add a users register and I see I can log in. How ever there’s no users database. So I’m lost on this.



1)from your question i can understand that you dont know Object-oriented programing.

google for some php oop.

  1. after that go through the blog tutorial


Thanks, How ever this is way over my head. Unless I can find a video on this. I’m not going to under stand this. Thank you.

its not complicated at all, don’t give up.

its look like that because you jump few steps forward

read about class, functions, and arrays.

after that you will see that its more clear and less "magic".

Sorry I couldn’t page you earlier. The forum is not letting me post more then 3 topics or posts per day and some one really needs to change this.

Well after reading your message. and thinking about what you said. and I didn’t know. I guess my old project is OOP. and I didn’t know it. any way. The resources for Yii is not as big as it should be. I just need more videos to show me what to do. I change the database tables a round and rerun the gii and tried to create the same files as before to see if the out put and save options would change and well as you can see. No that didn’t work.

If you can find videos that can teach me what I need to know. Please let me know asap.


there is some videos on youtube but i don’t know their quality.

anyway why you want only videos? whats wrong with text?

Because most of the time, I don’t all ways under stand what I read. I can learn more from watching a video then reading a book. Having only one eye sucks.

It seems to be lack of support for this framework all so. Now I guess I just have to go back to the old way. and see if I just can’t continue with the old project.

The coders of these frameworks need to get on their own forums and help out too. I have the same problem with other frameworks also like CakePHP and Codeigniter. No support.

In terms that you are asking… there is no official support for this framework as nobody is getting payed for this… you are getting all of this for free…

Even if there would be more videos… probably there would not be just the one you need… and again you would be complaining that there is all kind of videos but just that one showing what you need is still not made.

You are getting all the framework and it’s extensions code for free, with it you get the very good Definitive Guide and a Blog Tutorial to get the basics… above that there are 2 books on Yii on the market (those are not free)… and in the end there is this forum (community) where users likes to share/contribute/help if they know how and if they have time.

My best advice would be to open a new thread for a specific problem you have as this one looks more asking for better general support in form of videos.

To get better help, you need to clearly explain your problem and give all relevant information… in other words you need to "help others to help you"

For this check the posting guidelines - http://www.yiiframew…ing-this-forum/

And that’s what I thought I did.

See you have to under stand my point too. I know all this is free and I know the help is free all so. The point is that when some one gets stuck on some thing. The help should be there. That’s just what I’m saying and I don’t know how many times I can explain the same problem. I’ll listen to you and post one more time.

Hi bigjoe11a,

If you are so good at PHP you can solve your issue within minutes. You should be familiar with OOP PHP and Yii in order to achieve your target. Basically you want to build a form to post articles where you can also upload images, and want to enter HTML text. For that purpose you need to be familiar with Yii crud actions and you need to know the Form tags. Please go through it and try some examples that are available from the "Agile Web Application Development with Yii1.1 and PHP5" so that you can build your requirement on you own.