Yii set up - skeleton framewwork

Hi can anyone hlep with set up of Yii version zip. I want to create a skeleton app I am using wamp64 version 3.1.0 and php version 5.6.31 I need to confirm

1 php path if needed

2 command line info

3 folder set up

I hear so many conflicting ways to set up regards B

[s]Since you didn’t even bother to respond to your previous question, and because everything you need to know about installing Yii is in the guide, I am going to lock this question.

[/s]I wanted to make sure that you were a human, and not a spambot - thanks!

Do you have a very good reason for wanting to learn/install/use Yii 1 ?

I do not recommend that you do that!

Yii 2 is much better - and a lot easier to install/manage.

Do you have an absolute need to install Yii version 1 ?


The Yii 1.x guide is here: doc/guide/1.1/en/quickstart.installation

But, PLEASE! if you are not forced to use Yii 1 in a brutal fashion, you really should use Yii 2. ((Yii 1 is End Of Life))

If you change your mind about this, and choose to install Yii 2 instead, you will want to read this guide:


Yii 1.x is in maintenance mode, which means that it will not receive any regular updates/fixes/features, and critical fixes ends in 2020.

Hi Jacmoe,

Thanks for replying and putting topic back up. I am starting to study Yii and last term they used Yii 1 and I am sure they are using it this term.

I started to try and use Yii 1 early to prepare for this term just to get fimiliar with framework/crud etc but I am getting frustrated as I am not making much progress.

I personally would use Yii 2 for all the reasons you stated. Their does not seem any point learning Yii 1, but I suppose it teaches me some of the basics for now.I was also going to ask what IDE you use if you dont mind, I was using Atom text editor.

                   Regards Br324

Fair enough! I guess.

I find it really odd that they used Yii 1 last term, considering that Yii 2 has been current for years.

Do they want to teach obsolete practices? It doesn’t make sense, at all!

I can’t remember how you set up Yii 1, to be honest - it has been such a long time.

Read the guide that I linked to.

However, there are lots of good people who uses Yii 1 for good reasons - existing projects - so you should be able to get help fast.

(( And do enjoy creating lots of Yii 2 projects at the side! ))