Yii::log('msg', 'info', 'cat') Produces Runtime Error

I try to log message, but this simple Yii:log causes ‘runtime’ error.

Yii:log('Start incubating', 'info', 'application.incubation');

//YiiBase:log('Start incubating', 'info', 'application.incubation');

//Yii:log('Start incubating');

My application.log contains the following error:

2014/02/15 13:48:59 [error] [php] log() expects at most 2 parameters, 3 given …

I tried with one/two arguments:

2014/02/15 13:52:20 [error] [php] log() expects parameter 1 to be double, string given …

It looks like Yii:log point on something else method. I googled on it but with no success. Also I checked that YiiBase contains correct method. I couldn’t figure out what I else can check. I newbie in Yii and php. Could it be related OS and php settings? I run it on Mac OS X 10.8.5.

Try with double colon:

Yii::log('Start incubating', 'info', 'application.incubation');


with simple colon this is equal to:


log('Start incubating', 'info', 'application.incubation');

where Yii: is a label for goto and log() is the logarithm function.

Thank you! It works! I even didn’t think that it could be typo error :)