Yii Framework 2.0

I think you have misunderstood my disposition with regards to my post. Whenever I have a choice, Yii is always the framework I choose for development. Whenever I don’t have a choice, I always at least recommend Yii over other frameworks and even cms packages where it is plausible. I’ve used Zend in a single project, symfony: never. My wish is for Yii to be the best it can be and I do not mind waiting for the improvements one bit.

What I meant is that if Yii sacrifices potential improvements to preserve backwards compatibility in the next major release (What some ppl seem to be suggesting), they might be left behind.

I’ve been watchin symfony 2.0 and Zend 2.0 branches @ github and I’ve been seeing some interesting improvements. I want to see the same or even better in the next major release of Yii. Backwards compatibility is not an issue for me and if it was, then projects I have on 1.x i’d leave on 1.x unless I have a lot of free time to port it to 2.x. I’d be disappointed if Yii does like codeigniter(no name calling huh? :)) and do no real improvements in the 2.0 release.

Hi, Mr.qiang, Can i ask you a question? What feature of Yii will be improved, developed and deployed? thank you very much.