Yii developer is available in the Czech Rep - open for new contracts

Hi all.

I have been working with Yii1 in years 2010-2015 and with Yii2 2018-2020 mainly in automotive industry. I built from scratch one supplier portal and a few smaller backoffice systems for previous employers or friends.

Now I am a freelancer and as I like Yii and there are no Yii jobs in my region, I am applying here.
I speak Czech, English and a little bit German. I like data, databases, calculations, OOP, exporting data to complex PDFs, REST or SOAP APIs etc.

Note: I also wrote programms for hardware in C++ or for assembly lines in .NET and I have expriences with SAP-UI5 or Java. I am beginning with combination of Vue + Python + Django.

I am open for Yii projects. Thanks for offers.

PS: Please do not ask me about my rate before completely describing your project, expectations and needs. My rate depends on how much work you have for me. The more work the lower rate.

Note: I also offer 1-2 ManDays as a trial task to all. If customer is satisfied, they will pay and we can start our cooperation. Otherwise the job has been done for free. Yes, it is sometimes abused by frauds, but I want my customers to know what they are buying.

Hi @rackycz,

If you want, you can apply here: https://esportsbettingtop.com/others/hiring-yii2-developer-job-post/

Thanks, but the form does not work. I sent my application via the “about” page.

Zdravim vas, prave hledame yii vyvojáře a jsme v Česku! Můžeme se spojit? www.trueapps.cz tomas@trueapps.cz

Hi, we are software company from Poland, looking for new Dev’s in Yii.
I saw your post at Yii Forum, Could you write me more about any cooperation forms ? Write to me on private if you are still available.