Yii Cookbook in CHM format

Thank you for sharing. :rolleyes:

thanks for sharing

The CHM does not link to the website - I assume because the book is now for sale.


I have tried to download two attachments on this forum, the chm file on this page being one. I was only able to download 35KB of each file. What’s going on with this Yii website? I thought Yii is so gooooood?

thanks for share book. :rolleyes:

Thanks a lot. It helped me.

Very2 nice for newbie like me…tq :lol:

thanks for sharing :)

ty for sharing

tks for share, nice work!

The file is not opening on my system. Could you provide an alternate link?

Go in properties of file -> You have to delete block because this chm is get from another pc

what is your system?