Yii 1.1.6 is released

(Cyberpol 777) #10


As more perfect becomes this framework, more grows my love for it!!!

(Imehesz) #11

hey hey hey!

Good job! :)


(Sergeymorkovkin) #12

True! I’d also suggest to create a more solid UI layer and it will be

best of the best :) As far as I remember Qiang promised to “cleanup”

UI layer in 1.2… Does anyone know anything about it?

(Rohit N Sarpotdar) #13

Really liked the error display improvements. :) Loved it. Love to use this framework :)

(Tech) #14

Thank you so much for your hard work on this framework!

(Zamanfoo) #15


(Bhaskarji) #16

Thanks so much for all your efforts! The improved exception display is pretty neat indeed.

(Mh) #17


I didn’t see the migration feature coming - really nice!

(Antonio) #18

My personal gratitude and congratulations!

(Dana Luther) #19

Wonderful! Can’t wait to really dig into the new additions =)

(Molnargerg) #20

it is good to see the dev team implements the good features of the ruby on rails. congrats.

(got 2 doodle) #21

Great news!

Looking forward to checking out some of the changes.


(Antonio) #22

I didn’t see the Error reporting feature until now (didnt have errors since I did the move) and I am highly impressed. This is by far, one of the greatest features of the new release. Debug is easier than ever, Stack Trace is just fantastic…

Thank you guys, thank to all of you


^ I’ll echo that. The debugging is much easier now. Before the trace was a bit hard to follow and I didn’t really find it useful, but now it’s GREAT! A pleasant surprise when I got my first exception since I upgraded! :)

Keep it up!

(Herliansyah) #24

good job :)

(Reinld17) #25

Fantastic work. Thank you very much for your efforts.

(Manu34) #26

great news !! excellent job !! thanks !

(the new error reporting page is great)


(Winmonaye) #27

I just started to use yesterday and so far, it looks great!!! Let me know if you guys need Japanese translation.

(Matteo Falsitta) #28

Great job, thank you

(Flaviozfagundes) #29

Hello guys

Congratulations, great job.

Someone had problems with relations feature with your models, after update yii framework version using postgresql?data?