Vote up Yii on stackoverflow

Please help us vote up Yii on stackoverflow!

The more votes Yii receives, the more likely Yii will be chosen for being advertised on stackoverflow and thus expose your favorite framework to more people.

Thank you for your support!

sry, not enough reputation, jsut created an account (need 15)

Already farming it tho :)

:D I like that.

Thank you guys, we got 9 votes at the time of this post.

According to the stackoverflow rule, Yii already earned an ad slot in their system. Cheers!

It did (see the screenshot). :)

Qiang, are you already getting a notable amount of visitors from there?

Only a couple more votes and we beat Cake! ;)

799 visits from StackOverflow so far. Avg. time on site for these visits is 9 minutes so it looks like people are really got interested.

on the sir Qiang…

not enough reputation…I created an account with stackflow to vote, and stackflow wont allow me to vote :(

Forum is not only for questions and answers. There are discussions.

Toads float too… ;)

On a more serious note:

The fact that Yii features an active community was one of the selling points for me when I was shopping around for a PHP framework.

Stackoverflow is tiring, IMO.

Too much downvoting and too little community spirit.

Don’t underestimate people sharing their experiences. :)

Voted :)

We’re now beating CakePHP. :)

Comeone guys, we’re a so big community! Please vote!

I clicked the link – is that sufficient to give Yii my vote? I wasn’t asked anything more when I clicked the link. I believe I have enough posts to qualify for voting.

Click the link and than click the up arrow on the left of Yii post to vote for him :)