Vote for Yii support in PhpStorm (WebIDE)

PhpStorm is one of the best IDE for PHP out there:

You have a chance to get some extra support for Yii in it.

Please check these:

You can vote using a button between star and binocular. Suggestions about what should be implemented to support Yii or frameworks in general are welcome.

p.s. Even if you are using another IDE there is still a point in voting for Yii support in PhpStorm.

Looks like this IDE won’t be free? And the current version is for preview only :unsure:

Yii no needs in PhpWebStorm, you can create simple intellisense.php in your project folder and write something like:


 * @internal


class Yii extends Yii {


    * @return CWebApplication


   static public function app(){}



 * @internal

 * @property CMyCustomType $property

 * @method CMyCustomMethod getProperty()

 * ...

 * ...


class CWebApplication extends CWebApplication {}

DONE! ;)


Yes, it won’t be free but EAP versions (edge versions for testing) will be. I’m working with EAP several month. It’s 90% ready and is better than most IDEs out there.


It’s not only about code completion. See what’s done in NetBeans for Symfony and Prado (wasn’t released) and in Zend Studio for ZF.

Sam, while we might appreciate such posts as PhpStorm advertisement,

there’s no way that we’d like another flashmob on “Yii support” (there already was one from posts)

  1. such a flashmob vote discredits all votes on this (or any other) ticket

  2. we prefer to stay away from any framework specific support as long as possible

Alexey Gopachenko,

JetBrains PhpStorm Team


  1. This is not actually a flashmob because voters are not random people told to do something they actually don’t need. All voters from here are developing with Yii. Noone forcing to vote, post is just informing one can do so.

A reason for p.s. is that one day developer can switch from his current IDE to another one. For example, from NetBeans that already support some frameworks to PhpStorm.

  1. That’s a wise move and generally I support it. That’s why a link to WI-451 is provided.

Anyway, JetBrains PhpStorm Team decides what is important and what can be done later, we are just showing there is Yii and it worth looking at it as one of the good PHP frameworks out there.