Validate new user in dev with no mail server

I have installed yii advanced. Did my migrate and can access:
I created a few users and I see the rows in the user table in my database.
But I can not login as them because I received no verification email. No mail server.
How can I validate a user and make them an administrator via my database?

I searched the forum for 30 minutes but could not find a post on this subject.


Hi @rhubka, welcome to the forum.

I believe the following topic will be a help.

Thanks Softark for the quick response. Yes… I had eml files in:
But I choose to simply:
modify the data in the user table manually. Change status of the user from 9 to 10, which means from STATUS_INACTIVE to STATUS_ACTIVE.

Now I can login. Great!

Is there any ROLE based update to just having a user in the user table and being just logged in? I would just like to be able to hide views and menu items for regular users as compared to an administrator. Nothing fancy! I’ll check GitHUB too. Found this one on GitHUB


Basically, you can select what you show/hide in your view script according to the permissions that the current user has. For example, “Create” button will only be shown to the user that has “admin” permission in the following example.

    <?php if (Yii::$app->user->can('admin')): ?>
        <p><?= Html::a('Create', ['create'], ['class' => 'btn btn-success']); ?></p>
    <?php endif ?>

The yii2 RBAC extensions out there including robregonm/yii2-auth handles user registration, rbac management, access control filters and so on. But generally you have to write your own code in view scripts depending on the user permissions.