Using Yii and Mootools

I’ve written a quite extensive MooTools library for an existing application that I’m working on. I recently started using Yii and am rewriting the back-end using the framework. I know Yii utilizes a lot of JQuery for the various widgets and so forth.

I’ve searched the forum quite a bit and seem a bit lost on how Yii dynamically pulls in the JQuery assets. Is there a way to tell which widgets require JQuery? I’d like to use some of the available widgets (CActiveForm for instance) but don’t want to rewrite all the MooTools code so it supports JQuery.

Any advice or existing forum posts that I might have looked over to get started? I can see JavaScript injected at the top of the <head> element as well as canned-data injected at the bottom.

I’d prefer to disable JQuery all together.

Any help would be appreciated. On day 2 of Yii and so far I’m very happy.


Most if not all of yii widgets use jquery. You can avoid using jquery if you do not use the yii widgets and work your own widgets. The jquery code is injected only when you use a widget that uses jquery or register jquery with the client script component

Even CActiveForm uses jquery.

Is possible to use both mootools and jquery at one time, you have to pay attention to use always the jquery. notation.

All jquery widget are written in order to be compatible with other js libraries.

Thanks for the response. I think what I might do is just write my own widgets for generating and validating form input. I already have it coded in the MooTools objects I wrote.