Url In Clinkcolumn


I have a problem using external link in CLinkColumn





				 'urlExpression' => 'array("www.xy.com", "document"=>$data["ID"])',




gives me source code

[html]<a target="_top" href="/path_to_project/backend.php?r=controller_name/www.xy.com&amp;document=2">2</a>[/html]

and after following the link I have url


can you please help me to configure CLinkColumn to open as www.xy.com&document=2?

Thanks in advance!

Hi my friend

check that

urlExpression' => 'array("http://www.xy.com", "document"=>$data["ID"])',

Hi, thank you for your answer. I’ve tried it but the result is the same… :(

Dear Friend

Kindly check this.

'urlExpression' => '"http://www.xy.com&document=".$data["ID"]',

It works! :) Thank you so much