Unusual Yii development? ABAP, design, SVG, CorelDraw / Inkscape. I am from Czech Republic.

(Dingdog) #1


I was working with Yii in years 2010-2015 and I summarized my experiences in 2 manuals:

  • Yii for beginners

  • Yii for beginners - part 2

My experiences mainly come from an industrial business portal for many suppliers (written in Yii v1.1) and it’s connection to SAP. Yes, I can also program in ABAP a little. I also like design (CSS, JS, CorelDraw, Inkscape icons …) and unusual solution.

In 2016 I changed my job, but I miss Yii. Sometimes I play with v2.0 but I have no real projects so I am looking for any meaningful weekend programming.

Do you need a new web with database (orders etc.) or just a help with existing project? You can send me some typical assignment and if you are satisfied with the result, we can cooperate.

I am not a coder, but a creative programmer who wants to design the appearance and/or the code.


(Joel Klein) #2

Hi maybe you can help me.

Could you can write me a pm.