Unexpected behavior in DateParser

[size="2"]Months with dots not parsed correctly.[/size]

Might affect Yii2, but detected in Yii, so not logging under Yii2.

French date (medium) "3 juil. 2017" not decoded correctly using CDateTimeParse.

What steps will reproduce the problem?


    foreach($langs as $lang) {





        $datestr=$locale->dateFormatter->format( $dateFormat, $orgtime );


        if($finaltime===false) {

            $finaltime="**** PARSE ERROR ****";


        print "$lang: time($orgtime)->'$datestr'->$finaltime<br/>\n";


What is the expected result?

No parse errors.

What do you get instead?

Parse errors. Abbreviated months with ‘.’ not parsed correctly.

Additional info

| Q | A

| ---------------- | —

| Yii version | 1.1.17

| PHP version | 7.?

| PHP version | 5.6

| Operating system | Windows/Debian

(Currently debugging, seems related to stripping of point from month and then not skipping it in the datetimeparser. A bit more complex than expected to fix this properly.)