The future of Yii

(Lubosdz) #22

it’s truly pity, that things with Paul turned out so badly. He was/is one of the most productive core developers for a long time. Paul’s article had a little of unethical flavor and was clearly written out due to long-standing frustration with some subjective expectations which did not come true. His intentions were, however, meant for the good of the thing he cared about and for the benefit of the community. It’s truly a pity that core team has not resolved the issue to mutual satisfaction.

(Alexander Makarov) #23

Because foundation isn’t ready yet and it will be against transparency to do it improperly.

(Schmunk) #24

Paul Who wrote that? Sorry for being sarcastic here, but Paul’s way of communicating has been problematic for a very long time. While I also value his technical contributions, the way of talking to people was often rude, offensive and self-opinionated.
I am not surprised about such a reaction when things were not going the way he wanted to.

But Yii is far from dying. So I’ll read this as: He just recommended to move on to Yii 3. :wink:

(Softark) #25

So, the question simply boils down to one simple question: Is Yii slowly dying? It seems to me that it lacks the resources to boost its development rate.

Honestly speaking, I share the same worry with @GoofyX, although I’ve been and will be a convinced fan of Yii framework.

I never question the excellent knowledge and skills of the core team. But what about the time they can spend on Yii 3? It looks to me a little shorter than expected. It’s no one’s fault, of course, but it can really matter. I think we should do something in this respect.

Personally I’m fairly content with the current version of Yii 2 and I can patiently wait for Yii 3 to be finally released. It is mainly because I’m not in the midst of the fast moving current trends of web application development. Yeah, I confess that I’m a bit old fashioned :smile:

Anyway, it’s great to hear the voices of you, the core team members and the fellow people who share the love of this straightforward solid practical “healthy” (© @Coksnuss) framework.

(Alexander Makarov) #26

We’re doing something already. As I said, foundation is in the progress. That potentially would allow community members to spend time on Yii instead doing commercial projects for a living or at least moving commercial projects to part-time mode allocating half of the day for Yii needs. That means significantly more time.

Meanwhile, I’ve extended GitHub permissions to allow more community members to triage issues and manage things. @machour is doing wonders this week closing issues and pushing towards releases. Also poking me with important stuff (love it!).


if we are going to start a project, which should we develop with?
Yii2 or Yii3.

Any advise? Thanks.

(Jacob Moen) #28

Since Yii3 is not even in beta, you would choose Yii2 :slight_smile:

(Alexsander Vyshnyvetskyy) #29

Hi guys. Tell me, what awaits us in Yii3? For some reason, I was inclined to think that the coming changes would affect the framework in cooperation in the bootstrap 4 … many people are waiting for this. Can anyone help? I could join the development of the widgets and etc.

(Alexander Makarov) #30

Bootstrap 4 extension exists for both Yii 2 and Yii 3:

2.0 one is about to be released. A few issues left. If you want to help you can check these: Also checking the extension overall with dev-master@dev version constraint would help.

(Forum) #31

Another rant from Paul about Yii. He created a Github project as a migration helper from Yii to Laravel. Although as an idea that’s not bad, the introduction about the project could be written with less (or even not at all) “hatred” about Yii.

(diginfoexpert) #32

Yes, I think Yii is a PHP based framework, growing rapidly to develop large scale web application, it also secure and easy to integrate with applications.

(Hemendra Singh) #33

Just a general fact, Nobody can predict the future. However, at present I can say about the choosing Yii2 depends on the type of Web Development work.

Yii2 is a great PHP framework and I personally believe that it is very very great for developing the Admin Portals & dashboards. There are other use cases too in which Yii2 is far more better than other frameworks (eg. easy, fast, flexible, rapid development, Gii code Generator, etc.). There are a tons of extensions available by using which one can customize the Web App as much as he/she can.

Also it provides various tools (like debug tools, Gii code generator, inbuilt authentication, etc.) which helps developer reducing the development time. Moreover there is a huge support on communities like Stackoverflow.

There is nothing which cannot be done using Yii2 as compared to other frameworks. However every framework has some pros & cons. But learning Yii2 is always a good choice.

(shane) #34

I’m all for you, but where is the company?