Testers Wanted for My First Yii Site

Hi People,

Testing is now over. I need to add some content to the site (the lessons) and then I’ll announce it in the ‘yii-powered’ forum.

[s]I’m nearly ready to open my new site (first one using Yii) to the public.

I’m doing a couple of days of Alpha testing where people can sign up for an account and post any randon stuff to test things are working. On the 1st Jan I’ll delete everything and go to Beta when anything posted will remain on the site.

I particularly would like the security side tested. I followed all the guides and have tried to code with security in mind but if anyone wants to test that side I would be grateful. Send me a PM if there’s anything really bad.[/s]

I’ll add a post to the Yii-powered forum when the site goes to Beta.

Site is here… www.learnphoto.co.uk

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It’s when following with empty login and email. Twice ???

oh that’s a bit embarrassing… falling at the first hurdle!

Found the problem… Had got used to save() doing the validation but the subscribe method doesn’t save the model.

Fixed with:

    $model = new User('subscribe');



    if(isset($_POST['User']) && $model->validate()){

      ................ do my stuff