Still problems with CAPTCHA

It seems like there’s a problem with the “getVerifyCode” function in CCaptchaAction.php. I’ve logged the generated code from this function, because the “validate” function always says that the entered code is not correct. The captcha images shows a diffrent code than the code in the validate function:

2009/09/25 15:38:26 [info] [captcha] code: yehub -> input: yicis

I’ve entered the correct code (“yicis” -> which was shown in the captcha image), but the validation get’s a wrong code (possibly from session?) to validate against.


It only works, if I click "generate new code" before submiting the form. The logfile shows the correct values:

2009/09/25 16:16:25 [info] [captcha] code: qaktf -> input: qaktf

wow, that is weird…

have you entered ‘yehub’ in the past? maybe, somehow it’s getting it from and old “cached” answer?

(although, I’m not using the built-in Captcha, just spit-balling here )


yes, I’ve entered ‘yehub’ in the past. but it is strange that there isn’t the same value in the session, which is shown in the generated image.


Seems like the last code generated by “refresh code” button is always kept in session, but ot be shown in image, which means that the shown code changes but not the value in session :(

Have any of you solved this issue?

I haven’t

I solved my (similar) problem with reCaptcha …