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Estoy orgulloso de anunciar el lanzamiento de un sitio más desarrollado en Yii.

El sitio fue desarrollado para una compañía llamada Starbox. Espero que los colombianos puedan disfrutarla.


Comentarios son bienvenidos.


----------I’m proud to announce the release of another website build on Yii.

The website has been developed for a company called Starbox, I hope people who lives in Colombia enjoy this new website.

The URL:

Comments are welcome.

it nice web bro

I’m glad you liked it. ;)

i really liked, nice visual also

theres a small bug tho

when you click buy, then you can set negative values for quantity, and the value of the quantity negative product will low down the total price

check out the screen shot to understand better

Thanks for your report and some others user from Yii Community, a lot of bugs have been fixed in this website.

Thank you very much.



Glad I could help :)

Muy buen sitio paisano. felicidades. espero poder hacer cosas así algún día.

what kind of ext yii you used in the website?