Sqlite And Accents

Hello everybody,

For many reasons, the project I’m working on require to use SQlite databases. I have implemented all the functionality and everything works very well.

The problem is that I need to enable searching regardless accents and tildes. In the database, all records are saved with their respective accents/tildes. For example, "Gómez".

What I want is that when I search for "gomez", the database returns the record "Gómez". This is not working at the moment, doing normal searches (using Criteria and LIKE conditions).

I have tested many things, but none of them work. I know that this is relatively easy with Mysql, but I need to use SQlite.

Does any of you how ti fix that?

Thanks and best regards.

It seems like that functionality isn’t supported by SQlite. Your best bet might be to have an extra column storing plain text versions of the columns you need to be able to search, so “Gómez” would be stored in that column as “gomez”. You’d then have to perform the same conversion to plain text on any search terms before performing the search.

There are plenty of examples of functions that can be used to remove accents (see the answers), but it still seems like a hacky solution.