Some Question About License Of Yii Framework

Hi all,I would like to ask some question about license of Yii Framework:

I create an application based on yii,now I want to distribute(sell) my application.But I don’t know much about the license of yii.What should I do to follow the yii’s license?


1.I won’t modify yii framework on my application (license,code or other).

2.I won’t promote my app saying it’s based on Yii (without asking Yii team first).

3.I won’t remove copyrights from yii’s source code.


1.If I distribute my application, where need to pay attention to except that what i say above?

2.Can I create my own license for my application? The license must be the same as yii(BSD)?

Thank you very much!

  1. Check all the external libraries licenses.

  2. Yes, you can. It may be different from BSD.

thank you very much