Some help with CHtml::ajaxLink() parameter

According to the Wiki article here : http://www.yiiframew…87/ajax-update/

You can use the following code for ajax:

<?php echo CHtml::ajaxLink('clickMe', array('ajax'), array('update'=>'#forAjaxRefresh'));?>

But according to the class reference,

public static string [b]ajaxLink[/b](string $text, mixed $url, array $ajaxOptions=array (), array $htmlOptions=array ())

The class reference says it needs 4 parameters, but here we only give it 3. Can you tell me which parameter is mapped to which?

Any rule about this 4 to 3 situation?

Thank you!

Just actually got it working. Think the 3rd are just html options (class, id, etc), but the 4th is really important if true it will update the javascript on the page (stopped all sorts of funky things from happening).

Pay attention: the 4th parameter are htmlOptions, the 3rd are ajax option that will be used for generate the ajax script.

Can we generalize that if a function needs 5 parameters, we pass it 3 parameter, then the 3 we passed is the first 3 parameter of the 5?