showScriptName - false gives '404'

(Jacob Moen) #21

My opinion on the advanced template: 99% of the time it is not needed!

Even for advanced Yii applications.

If you need a back-end admin "thing", use a module instead. It is much easier to manage.

(Kpsklab) #22

Main yii goes above htdocs, not under period. I have even moved up to top 17 in laravel.

Yii and laravel both get setup with main app out of web. If you are condoning setting up an un-secure site to newbies, that is just wrong.

Out of web means a level higher from the public web content. Please don’t condon setting up un-secure sites.

(Jacob Moen) #23

What are you talking about? :wink:
The basic application template uses root_dir/web as the entry point. The difference between advanced and basic is just one extra level of directory (root_dir/frontend/web and root_dir/backend/web) - security-wise, it’s the same.