Senior Data Engineer / PHP developer with 10 years experience. Key focus on PHP framework Yii2

Benediktas Paulikas
Skype: benas.paulikas
Telegram: benediktas_paulikas

Databases: MySQL (10+ years), MongoDB (6 years)
Linux: (10+ years). Founder of hosting provider Tuning Linux servers (kernel) parameters. Linux tools: ethtool, dig, sysstat, net-tools, dns-util, iotop, iftop, htop, tcpdump, ncdu, iptables, sysctl, certbot and many more
Networking: (D)DoS mitigation. In depth knowledge of network protocols. Would you like to hear a UDP joke?
Web Server: apache, nginx
Virtualization, hosting: docker, proxmox, openvz, multicraft, pterodactyl
Server monitoring: netdata
Websockets: ratchet
Payment integration: paypal, payabl, stripe, paymentwall, paysera, coingate, coinpayments, fortumo(boku), utrust
AI: rubixml
Testing: codeception, selenium
Deploying: deployer
Frontend: bootstrap, jQuery, PWA
Mail: sendgrid, swiftmailer
Regex: can read and write regex without any help
Services: pubnub, slack,, cloudflare, adsense, google API’s (map, ads), firebase, AWS
Telephony: asterisk, smartMEX, GoIP
Android: end-to-end experience writing and maintaining one application
Version control: github, gitlab
IDE: phpstorm

Github: BenasPaulikas (BP) · GitHub