Record breaking forum attendance

I’ve been loosely watching the forum’s attendance (# of simultaneous visitors) record statistic for some time. I don’t know if anybody else has noticed, but there’s been like 4 attendance records broken within the last month or so; 2 during this week alone!

This is great for the Yii community and I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts about it. Thanks!

I think there’s a growing buzz about Yii. I had to pick a framework recently, and read a lot of comparisons, reviews, and comments. Honestly I hadn’t heard about Yii before. There were some people propping it up as a good choice on StackOverflow and on some This VS. That posts, that added to my decision.

It sounded like the best solution for me that was more MVC-strict training than CodeIgniter, and less "auto-magic" than CakePHP.

If you search "mvc php framework 2011", the Yii site is #4. #1 is, some kind of vote-based ranking where Yii is the #1 hotness (do not know where these votes are coming from).

Search "php framework 2011", and 2 of the top results put Yii as #1. Some of this might have something to do with it.