Rad IDE software for Yii

Recently I came across an application called AppFlower which is a web based tool that allows a developer to drag and drop components to build websites quickly

it uses symfony and extjs (sencha) frameworks underneath.

was wondering if there is something similar tool for Yii I have looked at ext4yii but that still requires

use of a templating system rather than pure drag and drop, drag and drop is important since I am

planning to get someone non technical (wife :D ) to help me with some of my projects.

No offence, but i would suggest using WordPress instead if your wife (with no technical background) is going to develop projects with you.

They couldn’t be that complex (programatically) if you want a drag and drop RAD tool.

Even visual studio requires backend coding for actions when dragging items to create a VB application.

Thats my own opinion, but I’m sure others would suggest the same.

Thanks for the reply,

wordpress is a content publishing platform it does not generate web based applications

like the appflower tool, which creates web based applications without ANY coding see link below.


The only thing is appflower uses symfony and propel as the backend engine, I have spent a lot of time

coding with Yii (since v1.1) and prefer to stick with the yii framework if I can, that’s

why I am asking if there is a similar tool which supports the yii framework.

BTW No offence taken, wife has lot of experience in MSACCESS in the past so I know she

can do drag’n drop really well, she just can’t code… :D