problem with $this->_finder->baseLimited

$criteria=new CDbCriteria;


    $criteria->params=array( ':languageID' => $this->_lang_id );

    $criteria->order = 'users_info.products_id ASC';

    $limit = count( $users_models = Users::model()->with(

'users_info', 'users_content' )->findAll( $criteria ) );

    $pages=new CPagination( $limit );



    $users_models = Users::model()->with( 'users_info',

'users_content' )->findAll( $criteria );

When i ran these codes above, something happened.

I used "findAll()" to query my db, it worked at the first time.

But after running this line ,"$pages=new CPagination( $result_limit );",

the function "findall()" always comes out the wrong result.

Can anyone tell me why?

look this post