Problem displaying foreign characters

Hello guys, i need help in displaying foreign characters. I’m extracting data from mysql database. but some characters are displayed like this: Un fusil de chasse n’est pas � mettre � la port�e de tous. Even if i echo the characters on the page i still get the same result! my page also contains the header for utf-8.Any1 knows wat to change?

This may help


Ive had i same problem, you have to setup your model in ut8 or you view in ut8 :)

and in main.php

add charset


			'charset' => 'utf8',



it was already set by default, still doesnt works!

even if i do a simple echo i get the same result, so i know its not my db!

Did you read the document, tri suggested? You need to check all described areas, not only the connection charset.